Summer Residences
Find yourself in a fairytail – visit the summer residences of the Russian tsars. The fountains of Peterhof (the so-called Russian Versailles, located on the Baltic coast), the Amber Room in Catherine Palace, the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum – each residence has the charm and its own story. Travelling with us you don’t waste your time organizing your tours — we are responsible for the logistics. All the transfers are carried by modern comfortable vehicules. Welcome to Venice of the North, Cultural Capital of Russia, as we say here!
Day 1

You will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel in a comfortable private car.
Balance of the day at leisure with many exciting options available.
Overnight in the hotel.
Day 2

Peterhof, Grand Palace and Park

Peterhof is perhaps St Petersburg’s most famous and spectacular Imperial estate. The palace at Peterhof sits amidst an enormous park, adorned with fountains, statues and pavilions. Versailles was the inspiration for Peter the Great’s desire to build an imperial palace in the suburbs of his new city.
Day 3

Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo), The Catherine Palace and Park

There is so much to see in the suburb of Pushkin that you can easily spend the whole day here. Here are some more places for you to explore: Catherine Palace with extraordinary Amber Room, Alexander Palace, even though it´s far less famous and much more dilapidated than the Catherine Palace. Pushkin has a lot of sights to honor Russia´s greatest poet, Alexander Sergeevich. Among them, a museum in the former Imperial Lychee, where he was schooled.
Pavlovsk is the youngest of the grand Imperial estates around St. Petersburg. Named in honor of the Tsar Pavel, this fine neo-classical palace and its extensive landscaped gardens. Pavlovsk is well worth visiting both for the treasures in the elegant palace and for the charming, rambling park, which is one of the largest and finest English-style landscape gardens outside the UK.
Day 4

Oranienbaumor Kronshtadt

You can choose a visit between Oranienbaum and Kronshtadt.

Kronstadt is situated on the small island of Kotlin in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. It has always been a major training center for the Russian Navy’s staff. According to Peter the Great’s will Kronshtadt was created as a fortified town and port, reliable shield of the new capital of Russia.  Powerful fortification strengthening – old Russian forts – was created over the Finnish Gulf more than 300 years ago. You can make a boat ride and to see these forts which composed the most powerful fortress on Baltic. The town skyline is dominated by the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas.

Oranienbaum is a Russian royal residence, located on the Gulf of Finland. The Palace ensemble and the city centre are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will enjoy the day in the park and visit the Chinese Palace.

Russian Ballet
In the evening you are welcome to watch worldwide known Russian ballet on one of the stages of Mariinsky of Mikhailovsky Theatre.
Day 5

Leaving St. Petersburg. Guided transfer from a hotel to the airport/railway station/sea port.
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