Shopping Assistance

A day of shopping in St.Petersburg with your own personal shopper:

Do you need help while you're shopping in Russia? We'll take you to the best commercial centers and shops in town where you can go shopping and find many very good deals.

Before your appointment with the personal shopper, we will send you a short questionnaire and if necessary, will speak with you over the phone. We need to know your style, sizes and measurements. We will ask you about the brands that you normally wear (to better understand your style), your age, spending budget and above all, your goal: Why do you need your personal shopper in Russia?

On the day of the appointment, we will begin with a coffee. You will get to know each other personally and break the ice and your personal shopper will let you know about the program of the day.

Then, your personal shopper will take you to pre-selected stores chosen based on your style, taste and budget. You will have the help of your personal shopper, and will get special treatment from the store managers. Both of them are there with the same purpose: to offer you the best. It will be a time dedicated to you and your image.

If you wish, we will take you to some lesser-known shops that might not even have names on the facades, due to the fact that they are directed at designers. There are also accessories stores, local shops, boutiques, and the top brands we all know. Let us know what you like.

Our shopping plan will depends on your goals:



  • Shop for GOURMET GIFTS

  • Shop for KIDS

  • Shop for CONVENIENCE 

With our help you can save time and money, have a personal interpreter and also a positive and nice person to go shopping with.

Duration: Approx. 3 – 4 hours

Includes: transfers, instruction and assistance from our Personal Shopper
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